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What Makes Tiny Town Better Than The Rest?
What makes Tiny Town so special is our unique and diverse curriculum programs.  The administratvie staff, along with the teaching staff, developed "Reach for the Stars Learning Program", which is a one of a kind educational program designed to meet the individual needs of each and every child.  Our "Reach for the Stars Learning Program" was created by implementing several well known and effective resources and educational materials which include, Handwriting Without Tears, Hooked on Phonics, AtoZ Reading, Orton Gillingham, HighScope, and NJ's Department of Education's Core Curriculum Standards.  We believe it is important for children to be exposed to multiple activities, materials and subjects to better prepare them for when they enter grade school.  Since new technology and research is continually being developed, our curriculum is reviewed and enhanced each year to ensure our students receive the best education available!

All of the programs at Tiny Town are instructed through active learning.  Active learning incorporates "hands on" learning experiences, which grealy heightens the child's educational experiences and the knowledge they retain.  This beneficial approach to learning provides children with a variety of educational experiences, opportunities to express choices and opinions, while teaching them how to solve any problems or obstacles they may encounter.  It's important to remember "learning" does not necessarily occur by sitting at a table or listening to a teacher lecture.

Our programs are instructed by professional individuals, trained in early childhood development.  Each member has been carefully selected for their education, teaching experience and skiills, as well as, their caring nature and their sensitivity to the needs of each individual child.

Infant Program:
Our Infant Program begins at age six (6) weeks. Our Infant teachers are loving, well trained and extremely attentive to the needs of our infants. Our staff will follow your child’s current feeding and sleeping schedule. The Infant classroom is well equipped with bouncy seats, swings, exersaucers, hand toys and other activity centers. Our infant caregivers help each infant explore his/her emotions and environment, while promoting social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Our infant class is kept busy throughout the day with singing, having stories read to them, language development, fine and gross motor skills building activities, and so much more.

Toddler Program:
Our Toddler Program consists of children ranging in age from eighteen (18) months through two and half (2 ½) years of age. Our “Reach for the Stars Learning Program” offers an extensive learning program for our Toddlers. The children begin learning their colors, shapes, ABC’s and numbers. Stories, music, arts and crafts, and cooking projects are also incorporated into our learning program. It is important for children of this age to have an environment that allows them to explore and have fun. Our curriculum not only cultivates their academic needs, but it also addresses their physical, social, and cognitive growth, language development, fine and gross motor skills. In addition to the daily curriculum, our Toddlers also enjoy outside time both in the morning and afternoon hours weather permitting.  

Preschool Program:
The Preschool Program consists of children ranging in age from two and half       (2 ½) through four (4) years of age. At this age, children are becoming problem solvers, explorers, and believe or not, inventors. They absorb everything around them and begin asking questions, piecing things together, and taking things apart. Our “Reaching for the Stars Learning Program” provides them with the guidance and tools they need to explore and learn. Each day our Preschool teaching staff incorporates activities to heighten each students’ physical, social, character and cognitive development. The daily curriculum includes math, language arts, language development, pre-writing, science, and world studies. Of course additional subjects and activities are also incorporated, which include arts and crafts, music, cooking projects, foreign language, sign language, and more!

PreKindergarten Program:
The PreKindergarten Program consists of children ranging in age from four (4) through six (6) years of age. Our “Reaching for the Stars Learning Program” is geared towards preparing our PreKindergarten students for a successful transition into Kindergarten both academically and socially. Developing critical-thinking skills and stimulating academic curiosity helps ensure our students will be prepared for Kindergarten. Our daily curriculum includes mathematics, writing, pre-reading, reading, language arts, science, and world studies. Planned activities reinforce our goals for physical, social, character, and cognitive development. Our students are also exposed to music, arts and crafts, foreign language, sign language, cooking, and more! At the conclusion of the school year, our PreKindergarten students celebrate their accomplishments with a graduation ceremony, which of course family and friends are more than welcome to attend!